Camerons Cooking

Today I made my own lunch. I love Cooking!

Today I cooked Tomatoes and Mushrooms. All I needed was a frying pan, tomatoes, mushrooms, cooking spray, toaster, bread, Spatula, Mayonnaise and Basil.

Camerons CookingCamerons Cooking Yummy Food

First I chopped up some Mushrooms, and then fried them in the pan. Then I chopped up some Tomatoes and fried them in the pan too. Then I stacked up the tomatoes and mushrooms. Put a sloop of Mayonnaise on top with Two basil leaves on top of the Mayonnaise.

I toasted some Bread, cut them into triangles and put them around the stack of food. This is what I called “Wood Stack Mushroom n Tomatoes”

The most bit of flavour in the Wood Stack was the basil leaves, and the mayonnaise. Next week I am going to do another Recipe of some food that taste yummy.




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Meeting Friends

Hello People. Today I am going to talk about Meeting Friends. Lately I have made some new friends and seen some old friends.

Seeing My Old Friends

One of my old friends is my old friends Tony and Annie. They sell Xango and work at Peregian Markets on the Sunshine Coast. Then there is Oakley, Dylan and Ashley. They are kyles and mine friends. They came over to visit last Tuesday. We played with them, had some cake and went for a walk to the creek at the back of the Caravan Park.

Yesterday We Meet New Friends

Meeting Friends

Bernhard and Cheryl bus

Yesterday we meet Bernhard and Cheryl and their family. We went to their house and we were playing. We got to see their bus, watch a movie and had lunch. But from the meat I had I got a tummy ache. I also had too much yummy food! I had cream and apple strudel – almost a whole bit of apple strudel roll.

Meeting new friends

Meeting Renovating Italy Family

Then One day we meet the Renovating Italy family. They came to us and we played with them and watched a movie. We had fun. We went to the swimming pool but it was too freezing cold for me to get in. Then they left.

Another time we meet a family travelling in a truck. They had 4 girls and a baby coming because there mummy is pregnant. The Truck was pretty cool. It was nervous for me because whenever I watch a movie I never stop talking, but the girls never talked watching a movie.

Farmers Market

Organic Raw Food chocolate Slice

On Saturday we went to the farmers market. At the Farmers Market my favorite bit was the organic chocolate stall. It had the yummiest of all raw chocolate. Then there was a honey stall that I liked. We got some honey from them.

There was also a olive stall. We brought some tomato pesto from the stall. I like the tomato pesto even though I dont like olives.

For Lunch we brought Pumpkin Bread. We had it for lunch with tomato pesto, cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, and tabouli.

Have you ever tasted organic chocolate before because the one we got was yum as.



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My Life On The Road

Hello People. We havent got on the road yet but I helped Dad a bit on the bus. I havent been sleeping well because I sleep on the lounge.ย  Dad is going to make me a foldable bed in the trailer with Zac. Yesterday I went out to town with Kyle and I saw some sparrows.

My Life On The Road

When I am travelling on the Road I will be having great fun rock climbing, snow ball fights, having Birthdays and making Sand Castles.

I am going to paint the tyres on the bus for Dad. He brought spray paint yesterday and I am going get the old paint off the tyres.

I was trying to do some research on Birds for my Bird Folder but I havent finished it yet. When I finish my Bird Folder I will do another blog about it.

My Life on the Road

This is a small bike I am riding. It’s hard to ride because it is for little kiddies and I am a big kid.

Me Sleeping

This is a photo of me sucking my thumb. I am a big kid but I can’t stop sucking my thumb. I do it at night-time when I am in bed. My parents try to stop me sucking my thumb by pulling my thumb out. But Dad just keeps pinching my nose so I have to breath by my mouth. And I take my thumb out to breathe.

My Life on the Road

This is me at a Park at Bundaberg. It’s a big one, and it was ruined by the floods but now its fixed. I am such a monkey that I wont be able to get off these climbing bits. It’s a carriage of a toy train at the park. My favorite of the park was another climbing frame that was big.

A dog that adopts our family

This is Jessey.ย  She is a cute doggie that is very little. She adopted us for sometime and she loves chasing the cows. But now she is sold or missing and I miss her. Because she hasn’t been around for like maybe two months. I am worried about her, I hope she is safe. My favorite part with Jessey was she always cute and always licked me.


Cameron ๐Ÿ™‚

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Going For A Bush Walk

On Tuesday I went for a Bush Walk and we saw wire brush and at the park we went to we saw a sign about Koalas. There is another park and I find out it was connected to the park we were at. By two bush walks paths that were covered in ants.

Going For A Bush Walk

One day we went to a National Park and there wGoing For A Bush Walkas two bush walks. We took one and we got about half way I would say when there was a big ant nest right in the middle of the path. That was freaky! So we ran away from it and went back up the track when Nic was down at the Fish ladder.

The Koala Sign

At the park where the Koala sign is, it is a tiny park. The Koala sign tells you about what a Koala is, how long ago they came to Australia and other stuff about Koalas. They eat gum leaves, they are a mammal and live in families.ย  The Koala gets its name from the Aboriginal meaning “No Drink” because they only drink when they are ill or there is not enough moisture on the leaves.Looking For Koalas

Personal Branding Secret

Then After The Koala Park

We went to a park and played. At the park we played on the BMX track and play ground equipment and then we went home. We had launch.

Cameron ๐Ÿ™‚

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The Funny Blog

Hello People Today this Funny blog is going to be about jokes. I like jokes because they keep making me laugh when I hear a new joke.

The Funny Blog Joke 1

Now this is one about a bird

What Do You Call A Magpie?

A Magazine That Hasย A Pie In It ๐Ÿ™‚

The Funny Blog Joke 2

What Do You Call A Bull That Is Sleeping?

A Bull Dozier !!!

The Funny Blog Joke Number 3

What Do You Call A Sandwich?

A Witch that is made out of sand ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

The Funny Blog Joke Number 4

What Is The Best Year For A Kangaroo?

A Leap Year :)’

Here is a funny home video joke that is awesome. Hope you find its funny!


Cameron ๐Ÿ™‚

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My Army Men

Hello people, this blog post is going to be about My Army Men. I was playing with My Army Men and I built an army place on the pool table.ย  When I finished building it, it looked awesome! Because I had reserve at the back and all of these good people at the front.

My Army Men

One day I wanted to play with my army men so I started to play with them after I got them from the tent. I divided the stuff up but there was silver and green people. I had the silver people. The other player had the green people. When I said player I mean game player because I do this game with Nic. Nic is my brother.

How To Play My Army Men Game

Just have a dice and some army men for the game. It’s a simple game. If you have some Bazooka people you can make them hit two people or one person. With the commandos they can get one or two persons to attack. So if I roll a six I get six commandos and six plus six equals 12 so I can have 12 people attacking. Just a person can only attack one person unless it’s the Bazooka person. Here is what Bazooka means!

Here is my vlog on My Army Men

I had so much fun with the game. I am going to put some pictures of my troops up on the pool table when I have them.

Here is a joke I just made up!

Why did the army men chuck butter out of the window?

He wanted to see a Butterflyย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Cameron ๐Ÿ™‚

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The BonFire

Yesterday Dad started a bonfire. It was hot work putting all of the stuff on the bonfire to make it stay up.ย  I was putting stuff in the Bonfire and playing with a dog. The dog name was Jessie and it was a girl. The dog comes from down the street of where I am visiting.

The Bonfire

There was two piles of wood and Dad got the matches to light them up. So I helped Dad get the palm trees and plants into the Bonfire. It was very hot and then when I was doing that I thought how hot it must be working in a steam train. We kept on working on the Bonfire. When Nicholas was working on the stock yard getting the weeds out. We when we got the other bonfire small Dad lit it up.

Playing With The Dog

When I was finished working on the Bonfire I started playing with the Dog. I played with it and it was licking me. It was afternoon tea but there was another dog that bite people. So I had to run to the house to get my afternoon tea. Then I came back but Jessie was gone. So I was just standing around watching the Bonfire. And Nic finished the weeds.

Damper Time?

I asked Dad if we could have some Damper. Dad said “I have to get a recipe and make it with Mum”

So I went up to the house to get some Damper. I found a recipe but Mum was making Dinner. So I went back to the bonfire and told Dad that Mum was making dinner. So Dad said let Mum do dinner. We waited. It was about night-time when Jessie came back and started to go around in the paddock. When she was making a noise so I went over to have a look.

Cooking Damper on the Bonfire

Jessie had a mouse in her mouth. Then Mum came with Damper. So Dad wrapped it up in some foil and put some hot charcoal and ashes on the ground. Then put the Damper on. Then put some more charcoal and ashes on top of it. Mum called out for Dinner. So went up for Dinner. After Dinner Dad went down to the Bonfire to get the damper, while I had a shower.

After my shower Dad came up with the Damper. Its smelt yum as. I had two slices. One with butter and golden syrup. The other one with just golden syrup. When I first had my slice of Damper Mum took a photo of me. And she laughed because I looked silly! Here’s my photo…..

Damper cooked on our Bonfire

Look At My Silly Face!

Dad put the Bonfire out a bit but it is still going today. I am not allowed near the Bonfire at all because it’s still hot and smoke is still coming out.

Here is a video my Mum took.

Cameron ๐Ÿ™‚

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